Arkadia Royal Hotel

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Hotel Arkadia Royal S.J
Ul.Bronisława Czecha 10
04-555 Warszawa

Tel: (+48) 22 517 3660
Tel: (+48) 22 613 2012
Fax: (+48) 22 517 3669

After much research, on  we chose Hotel Arkadia Royal it supplies a complimentary breakfast, has a restaurant for dinner and, most important, a bus stop outside with an, every ten minute, bus service to the city centre.

The hotel looked great when we arrived, with a sweeping drive and, one of the few to have, free onsite parking. All of those in the city centre were not onl morey expensive but charged a not inconsiderable charge per day parking, usually in public car parks

The hotel is not large but our room is of a good size it has though, a number of drawbacks:-

1. The room was at the front of the hotel overlooking the road, very busy 24/7, not a problem as the windows are virtually soundproof so when all are closed the room is very quiet.

2. There is no air-conditioning in the room, we didn’t think to check this as we have not stayed in an hotel room without it for some years, so with the current weather the room is very stuffy without the windows open.

3. We can't remember the last time we stayed in an hotel that did not supply tea and coffee making kit in the room so again we didn’t think to check.

On the bright side the room is large as is the bathroom and both are clean.

When we booked ( we were asked if we wanted a double or twin room, we asked for a double which turned out to be a twn with the beds pushed together.

The report above seems rather negative but in truth we had a very pleasant stay, the staff spoke English and were very helpful. We had dinner in the hotel restaurant both evenings, it was tasty, plentiful and reasonably priced although the wine we chose on the first night was more expensive than the rest of the meal put together.

Of particular note was the complimentary breakfast, it was very good indeed. The hot side included scrambled eggs, grilled sausage, boiled han sausages, potato pancakes and boiled potatoes. The cold side had eggs prepared in a variety of ways, cheese cold meats, a variety of rolls and breads and lots more - excellent.

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