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Site No 232 - Camping en Jachthaven De Meeuw

 This is a Eurocampings reccommended site.

Camp. Jachthaven de Meeuw
Batterijweg 1,
3231 AA / Brielle,


N51°54'24" E04°10’30"

We chose this site for its proximity to Hoek van Holland and its positive reviews. It was part  marina and part camp site.

The camp site is weighted heavily towards seasonal pitches and even in the smallish touring area many caravaners/motorhomers have set up fences around their pitches.

The facilities block is quite new and provides all the necessities and kept clean. Access to the block itself is by electronic tag which also operate the showers, which do surprisingly not have timers. There is a laundry in the facilities block but we did not use it

The site hass a restaurant on board but we did not try it.

The site is in the “wrong” side of town so you have to go (almost) through the town centre via several busy roads that have been part filled making them single track roads with passing places.

The site was pleasant and we stayed for three nights and paid €15.00 per night plus tourist tax of 50 cents per person per night.

Site No 231 - Vakantiepark Witterzomer

We visited this site at the beginning of this trip, to see what we had to say about it CLICK HERE

Site No 230 - Camping An der Havel

We stayed here on our outward journey. See our report HERE

Site No 229 - Camping Na Granicy***

This is a Eurocampings reccommended site.


Camping Na Granicy, I forgot to take photos of this site so have pirated some from t’interweb.

Campsite Na Granicy

6 Marca 4 i
76-032 / Mielno/Uniescie

Phone:- +48608451854

Co-ords:- N54°15'44" E16°4'26"E

There are a great many camping and caravan/motorhome sites in this area as it is one of Polands most popular holiday destinations and we were there right in the middle of the holiday season. As per with Polish campsites any unit, be it a tent, caravan or motorhome that turns up is accommodated somewhere. This led to some of the sites we saw having rows of caravan just a couple of feet apart, Camping Na Granicy was tight in some areas (overlooking the lake for example) but nowhere as bad as some of the local competition..

The lady on reception spoke good English and walked round with us to find a pitch and gave us a lot of useful information about the locality.

The facilities block looked brand new and supplied everything needed and the showers were a good size with lashings of hot water.

The book says the electricity was 16 amps but the receptionist admitted that was if you were the only one using the box you were plugged into, the more that were plugged in the less you got. However the site is only open in the summer so that probably isn’t an issue, certainly we had no problems with it.

There was a non-self service laundry on site, you gave the laundry to the receptionist with PLN12.00 and she returned it later in the day ready to hang out to dry.

There was also a new looking bar on site it looked pleasant and comfortable but we didn’t try it.

The seaside in Poland is not, sadly, for us but if you like lots of crappy souvenir stalls, fast food and teararsing about on little motorbikes hired by the hour interspersed with sunbathing on a totally uncommercialisegd beach then you will love it here.

We had planned to stay here four nights but after three had had enough, not of the campsite but of the area and left a day early. We paid PLN171.80 thats around £12.48 per night.

Site No 228 - Camping Nad Stawem

This is a Eurocampings recommended site.

IMG 5176.jpg

An evening view

Campsite Nad Stawem
Solskiego 10
82-200 / Malbork


N54°2'44" E19°1'30"

This is a site just a few metres from Malbork Castle, it is a flat site, no shade but good views over the lake and castle. There seems to be no reception as such but as you drive up the owner who speaks good English or one of his family comes out from their home and books you in. As with all Polish sites we have visited so far there are no marked pitches you find a space and settle down. when we arrived, early afternoon, there were few other campers but by early evening the place was packed, then by midmorning next day empty again.

The facilities are, shall we say strange. There are no ladies toilets and showers or gents toilets and showers just showers and toilets - quite common in France and not unknown in Denmark - but not here. They are old and there has apparently been rumours for some years that a brand new block is planned, but old as they are they are spotlessly clean and frankly I would rather have old and clean than new and not so clean. Loo paper is provided but not soap or hand drying facilities.

Being so close to town there is no shortage of bars and restaurants to choose from

Thats all there is to this site, thats not criticism it is a good site that we would happily recommend.

We stayed here for three nights and paid PLN70 (£14.95) per night

Site No 227 - Camping nr 33 Tramp***

This is a Eurocampings recommended site.

IMG 5308.jpg

Because the weather was so hot we went to the camp's shady area


Camping nr. 33 Tramp
ul. Kujawska 14
87-100 / Torun


N53°0'1" E18°36’31"

 The site is around about 3m below a main road and on the other side of the main road al the railway lines converging on Torun Glowny which is around 1km to the east. I would be lying if I said you could not hear the road or train traffic. You can hear both but, for us, it did not intrude and was, again for us, quiet at night.

The facilities are modern and cleaned several times per day, the loos contain all the necessaries. The showers were obviously designed by someone who uses campsite showers. They are big, the changing area and the shower area are separated by a step and full length curtain so the changing area actually stays dry. There is a proper mixing tap so the water force and temperature can be finely tuned. They were a pleasure to use. The site has a laundry but we did not use it.

There is a restaurant on site which looks OK and according to previous camper has limited menus but serves good and cheap food. The restaurant also serves an eat all you want buffet breakfast at PLN20 per head (around £4.10) which we tried on our last morning. It was good value and if we had not had a similar complimentary breakfast in a hotel last week we would have thought it very good.

Site No 226 - Campsite Suchedniów (140) ***

This is a Eurocampings recommended site.

IMG 1922.jpg

General site view


Campsite Suchedniów (140)
ul. Ogrodowa 11
26-130 / Suchedniów


N51°2'30" E20°50’30”

Despite being high season when we arrived there were just four other units on site, there is normally a huge lake. This year the lake has been drained for maintenance and repair - ergo the campsite is empty. The lady in reception said that at this time of year the place was usually packed but “ . . . it’s much nicer when its quiet like this . . .”. She is right it is pleasant empty but of course the owner must be pulling his/her hair out, the canoes, pedalos etc all stacked and useless beside a big brown hole on which JCB’s and bulldozers are scuttling about like so many water boatmen.

The facilities are are bright and clean but why put glass panels, albeit obscured, in the loo doors? and the showers, while thankfully NOT unisex, are domestic cubicles within a single large changing area, fine when you are young and have a young body but when you are 67 and have a body like mine it’s best to have privacy so as to not cause nightmares in aforementioned young people.

There is a laundry room with a single machine that is charged at just PLN10 per load.

Although we haven't visited there is a bar on site which seems quite popular considering the low numbers on the site we are not sure if food is sold but if not there is a Pizza restaurant/takeaway just a couple of minutes walk away which we tried one night it was very good and cheap. Almost next door to the pizza place is a supermarket, there is also a Tesco within a few minutes drive.

The staff on the site are friendly and speak English.

IMG 5120.jpg

The site is virtually empty, only four units here. Nightmare for the bill payer.

IMG 5118.jpg

The lake is being deepened a little and lined with clay.

We stayed here for 10 nights at an advertised rate of PLN 50 per night but with various discounts the price actually worked out to PLN 36 around £7.62 per night.

Site No 225 - Campsite Smok***

This is a “Eurocampings" recommended site.

IMG 0040.jpg

Campsite Smok - the downstairs field when virtually empty.

Campsite Smok
Kamedulska 18
30-252 / Kraków

We stayed 14 nights at an advertised cost of PLN118 per night but on paying the lady gave us a 5% discount, we don’t know why.

The site is on several levels with the larger caravans and motorhomes being directed to what they refer to as “downstairs” the guy on the gate takes you to a pitch after settling in you have to walk to the top of the site (upstairs) to book in. Every member of staff who has direct contact with campers seems to speak English and have been helpful. One thing that strikes as you walk around is the large number of rules governing all aspects of the campsite but from the campers viewpoint the number one rule is “ . . . ignore all rules . . . “ which seems to work tolerably well. 

There are no formal pitches so the place is of course never full. Several nights have been very crowded, indeed as I write there is a group of five Dutch lads whose tent is pitched around 1.5m away from us, and last night under cover of darkness a group with three tents pitched between the motorhome next to us and his neighbour the other side. This morning the neighbour the other side had trouble opening his habitation door the tents were so close to it.

The facilities block is half way up from the lower field and half way down from reception and the upper field they are kept clean by a lady who seems to be attendance from early morning till early afternoon. While fairly modern the facilities block has been put together with a very strong eye on budget rather than longevity or style and with just four toilet stalls and four showers inadequate for the numbers currently on site. Paper, soap and hand drying facilities are all included.

Prices are quite high (for UK let alone mainland Europe) particularly for the standards provided, however it is within 5km (3 miles) of the city centre so overheads are presumably high.

Despite the slightly negative report we would recommend this site as a good base to explore Krakow and, if you don’t like queueing and waiting about the tours the site is an agent for are well run and reasonably priced.

Site No 224 - Agroturystyka & Camping Forteca

This is a “Eurocampings” registered site.

IMG 4667.jpg

View across the lake

Camping Forteca
58-211 / Uciechów



N50°45'20" E16°41’40"

We stayed on the site for 15 nights and paid per night £15.75 (aprox.)

This was our first campsite in Poland, owned by a young couple, he Dutch she Polish. They have spent some twelve years turning a sand pit into a holiday centre.

There are no marked pitches you grab where you can which means you can finish up rather close to neighbours although to be fair that was not our experience.

The facilities are, erm, strange.

The facilities building is divided into two halves, one half has three toilet stalls and three shower cubicles and the other three toilet stalls, three shower cubicles and two urinals but there was no specific side for ladies and non for gents, everyone went where they fancied at the time. It worked: but it was a little disconcerting to come out of the loo and find a couple of ladies washing in the sinks. The facilities cleaner is in and out throughout the day and although they are kept clean they are tired and could do with an upgrade.

There are no washing machines but Anna and Mathijs will do washing at 15 PLN per 5kg load.

The whole centre revolves around the restaurant which is used not only by the holiday makers but by the whole local community, and it is certainly the heart of the enterprise. We ate there on three occasions and overtime we had a very good meal at a good price.

This is a very welcoming and comfortable site that was a great introduction to Poland. Anna and Mathijs work tirelessly to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and both have encyclopaedia like knowledge of the regions attractions, indeed they have put together a comprehensive booklet of those attractions, addresses, phone numbers and co-ordinates. The booklet they gave us was in impeccable English.

All in all a site to recommend.

Site No 223 – Natur- und Abenteuercamping.

This is an ACSI Campingcard site.

img 4659.jpg

Natur- und Abenteuercamping
Nimschützer Straße 41
02625 / Bautzen



N51°12'8" E14°27'37"

This site is close to the town of Bautzen and around 60 km east of Dresden. Just 1.5 km from the motorway number 4 so makes an ideal transit site, but with the wealth of local towns to explore it is much more than just a transit campsite.

Split into lots of small areas it has an intimate feel and although there is just one facilities block the site is small enough that this is not a huge problem even when like us your pitch is about as far away from it as is possible to get. The facilities block is modern, kept spotlessly clean and has all the necessaries.

There is a laundry with washing machines and dryers the prices are in line with other sites but the wash cycle is rather long.

There is not a swimming pool but a couple of minutes walk away is a large reservoir and close to the site is a large beach complete with deck chairs and “pedalos”.

Sadly although the reception sells a few basics there is no actual shop and no restaurant or bar on site but the town is quite close so there is a McDonald’s within 2km but if you want real food and alcohol the town centre is 4.5 km.

This is a well run site to which we would be happy to return if in the area.

We stayed on the site for seven night of which the first four were to be at the ACSI rate of €19 per night and the last three at their standard rate. When we received the invoice it was for €133 which on my calculator is €19.00 every night. We paid quickly and left.

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