Site No 222 – Camping An der Havel

This is an ACSI Campingcard site.


A small caravan built exclusively for the GDR market - now a collectors item.

We chose this site for it’s locality it was close to all the towns we wanted to visit in this area. The site like others we have come across closes from 1.00pm till 3.00pm and although nothing comes in we understand a car approaching will lift the barrier allowing you to leave but we did not put it to the test.  We stayed here on our way home and checked this out. It is not so if your car is inside at 1.00pm it will stay inside until 3.00pm.

The owner and his son can both get by with English but the lady owner speaks not one word but still managed to convey all the information we needed.

It is a small site with a little over half let as permanent pitches, unlike some sites we have been on the permanent pitches all look clean and well kept.

There was one facilities block that contains everything you require including laundry etc. All the facilities were kept spotlessly clean with 3 or 4 cleanings every day. The showers were good and hot with in each cubicle a fixed shower head and a “roving” shower head. So far every thing seems top notch with no problems and there were none. There was an annoyance in that showers were coin operated, as are many in Europe, here the timing was 4 minutes, again the same as many others. The difference is that once your €0.50 goes in the meter runs wether the water flows or not, on most sites nowadays the money is only used when the water is running. That though is not the annoyance, the annoyance is that the meters are outside the showers so if you manage to run out covered in soap you have to leave the warm shower cubicle to feed the meter.

Shower meters aside this is a pleasant site with good sized flat pitches. We would be happy to return and to recommend.

We stayed on this site for 6 nights and paid €19.00 per night.

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