Site No 221 - Campingpark Hüttensee

This is an ACSI Campingcard site

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Our rather cramped pitch

Campingpark Hüttensee
Hüttenseepark 1
29308 / Winsen/Aller-Meißendorf


N52°43'12" E9°49'30"

The first thing to note about this site is that lunchtime is king. Nothing comes in, nothing goes out during the hallowed hours of 1.00 and 3.00pm. If you want to go out during this period you must remember to take your vehicle out earlier – or stay put. That also go for the evening, another Brit couple on the site returned from a night out at 10.15pm to find the vehicle access firmly locked from 10pm till 7.00am.

The site is flat and the pitch as big as you can make it, as there are no marked out pitches you just grab what area you can and hope it’s near enough to the power supply for you cable to reach, just remember that if you take to much room your neighbours may finish up very close, come to think of it they may come very close anyway.

The facilities are modern and kept clean and supplied with all the necessaries but although they seemed plentiful on arrival when the site was crowded they did seem barely adequate this is not helped by day visitors using them.

There is a laundrette on site that we have not had occasion to use but €3 per machine is on the cheap side but, we are told as we did not use then, they take two hours per cycle – long time!!

There is a snack bar that doubles as a shop and a restaurant that opens each evening, we didn’t try it but another Brit couple on the site did and were totally underwhelmed and will not be going back.

We paid €15.00 per night for our four night stay and despite what’s appears a rather negative report we quite enjoyed our stay

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