Site No 219 - Vakantiepark Witterzomer

This is an ACSI Camping Card site

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Witterzomer 7
9405 VE Assen

Phone:- 0031 (0) 592-393535



Co-ords:- N52°58’44” E006°30’20”

We have visited this site a couple of times in the past and have always enjoyed our visits. The site is HUGE, there are some 1245 pitches a few are taken up by cottages but the vast majority are plain and simple caravan/tent pitches. The site covers just over 185 acres has two lakes, both small but perfectly formed, restaurant shop any number of small children’s play areas, football pitch, tennis courts, laundry, and at least seven large facilities blocks. A site this big you would think would be a souless place with row upon row of caravans – not a bit of it! The whole has been thoughtfully divided into hundreds of small areas divided by hedges and small wooded areas to give it a feeling of space and seclusion, someone had great vision when this site was designed as a lesser more money oriented designer could have put a great many more pitches in with regimented rows and less trees etc,.

The facilities blocks are modern, well equipped with all the necessaries and kept spotlessly clean.

This stay was outside the ACSI acceptance dates and we were expecting to pay between €25 and €35 per night but the lady asked if we were over 50 (I’m not sure if she was being polite or had a good sense of humour) and suggested that if we stay a week rather that the 5/6 days we had asked for we could have a discount that would bring the price down to €110 plus tourist tax of €16.80 per week this made the cost per night €15.71 or €18.11 with tax, not much more than the ACSI price.

We would certainly recommend this site as even with the large numbers of children that seem always to be here it is a quiet, pleasant place.

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